mozfest 2014 10

Clubs: First round of testing complete!

It’s been a fantastic two months of producing and testing clubs. Here’s a recap of what we accomplished: Produced and field-tested the first curriculum module in 24 cities. Drafted an organizing model to recruit and support club leaders regionally. Developed a soon-to-launch website introducing clubs…


Drumbeat Keeps Beating

I was digging through old archives and revisited this 2009 post by Mark Surman about Mozilla Drumbeat. The blog was part of a series thinking out loud and sharing a strategy for how Mozilla could grow—from only creating software that protects the web to growing…


Empowering women through equitable access and web literacy

Recently I had the honor of speaking at Mobile Learning Week in Paris, co-hosted by UNESCO and UN Women. The two agencies interwove their agendas to focus on empowering women through mobile learning. It’s a strategic and necessary combo. I shared a panel with Shelly…


Berlin U-Bahn Camouflage

Blend into the Berliner U-bahn with these camo t-shirts Peter made, available on Print All Over Me:


Design Frictions: Physical Lightbeam

Each week, Jon Rogers and I have a brain-jam where we talk about the Web With Things. Here are some rough notes of our chat this week: Escape from a Room: Michelle recently played a few Escape games. The reward and mechanics of collaboratively solving…