HOWTO: make a nutellachino

Sometimes a screen name sticks. And sometimes it’s just sticky. For this post, I invite you to the sticky, chocolaty story behind one of my online aliases — nutellachino.

A nutellachino is a sandwich that I dreamed up long ago, an invention born of necessity more than inspiration. Back in high school, I would come home from soccer practice, and in my calorie-depleted state, descend savagely upon our food supplies. Usually our well-stocked cupboards absorbed my attack — there was always an endless heap of perverse American snacks: Poptarts, Otis Spunkmeyer muffins, M&M ice cream sandwiches, and the like.

But every once in a while, the house’s sugar stock ran low. And in those cases, desperate times called for desperate measures. ENTER THE NUTELLACHINO

The ingredients for this tasty treat are simple. Grab some toast, a jar of Nutella, and some cappuccino powder (yes, coffee snobs, I know that this is a lowly ersatz product). Spread said chocolaty goodness onto toasts. Add powder as desired. Viola!

Yum! Good to the last crumb! (^o^)

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  1. some chocolate addicted flatmate

    oh yeah!
    I will go and buy some ersatz product and some nutella powder now! It sounds really really good!
    PS: you should try that with delicous cote d or belgian chocolate paste! might be good too ;)

  2. thornet

    @schoko addict. LECKER! the cote d’or belgian spread turns this snack deluxe! will be joining in your taste-session…

  3. aberbittemitsahne

    I get a bottle of nutella for my b-day and christmas every year. I also had to let someone go for diggimg their fingers in my nutties. i’m digging this post

  4. thornet

    After a bitter battle with @franz on twitter, we have a stalemate. Nutella, and it’s organic competition Samba, have drawn a truce:

  5. Nutellachinos love them, lecker! deliciosos! Hmmm.. that reminds me that I need to buy more nutella ;-)

  6. thornet

    @aberbittemitsahne is it easy to find nutella in your neck of the woods? or are you importing to the southern hemisphere?

    i’m also setting up a pipeline for some amigas in the US and A. they all think that the American version is inferior. Hmm, maybe I’ll barter for a shipment of Reeses…

  7. aberbittemitsahne

    A bottle currently retails for a goat and 10 000 Yahoo! shares. The goat must not lick the Nutella

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