Berlin U-Bahn Camouflage

Blend into the Berliner U-bahn with these camo t-shirts Peter made, available on Print All Over Me:


Design Frictions: Physical Lightbeam

Each week, Jon Rogers and I have a brain-jam where we talk about the Web With Things. Here are some rough notes of our chat this week: Escape from a Room: Michelle recently played a few Escape games. The reward and mechanics of collaboratively solving…

webmaker clubs 15

Clubs: First test kicks off!

A few weeks ago we posted an overview of a new initiative with Mozilla, “Webmaker Clubs.” While details (including the name!) are still pending, we’ve made great progress already on the program and are kicking off our first local tests this week. Joined by over…


Improv Facilitation: Playful Devices

Improv theater seems like it has a lot to offer, not only for entertainment, but for learning and facilitation. I’ve been noticing how improv theater influences US comedy. There’s the quirky and endearing show Broad City, whose creators developed their skills at the NYC improv…

padi 1

Diving into PADI’s learning model

For the last few years, Joi Ito has been blogging about learning to dive with PADI. It wasn’t until I became certified as a diver myself that I really understood how much we can learn from PADI’s educational model. Here’s a summary of how PADI…