Web With Things: Soft Infrastructure

Last week Jon and I hopped on Skype to keep developing our workshop idea ThingsCon, but in typical fashion, we got sidetracked with a million interesting other tidbits running through our heads. For the sake of later retrieval, here’s what we covered: Mozfest Sneak Away…

club testing feature

Clubs: What’s next?

Wow, we did it! It was a successful and thoughtful first round of testing. Here’s what we anticipate happening next: Debrief 1:1 with each club tester to learn more about their experience and improve the process. Publish the latest iteration of the club curriculum on…


Clubs: Learning about testing

For testing clubs this first quarter, we followed this process: Invite testers. We talked to allies about the opportunity and invited them to join the testing process. Each tester was given the dedicated support of a staff member to ensure they had direct and regular…

volunteer leadership

Clubs: Towards an organizing model

During the testing of clubs, we identified the need for a community organizing model to recruit and support club leaders regionally. We realized that this model must provide value to i) established mentors as well as help ii) aspiring educators find their audience and their…


Clubs: Web Literacy Basics curriculum

For clubs, we needed well curated and field-tested curriculum informed by our pedagogy: Our pedagogy Why we teach: This is our mission. We are dedicated to empowering others with web literacy so that they have agency on the web as creators, citizens and future leaders….