Creative Commons Newsletter #6: Int’l Edition

I’ve been working with CC Philippines and CCHQ’s Alex Roberts to publish a 50-page image-laden, info-rich Creative Commons Newsletter, which highlights the remarkable work carried out over the last year by volunteer CC project leads around the world. It is very much worth its weight in electrons

Cover: “Airborne.” © 2008. Berne Guerrero. Some Rights Reserved. Except when otherwise noted, this work is licensed under This remixed image includes images from glutnix / Brett Taylor. “Cooing Commons” CC BY 2.0 and paparutzi / Christina Rutz. “hot air balloon.” CC BY 2.0.

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  1. I’d like to complain about the smallness of the Swiss Balloon.


  2. @alice

    thx for your oh-so-perceptive comment. next time we will be sure to billow the Swiss flag in all of its white crossed glory.

    in the meantime, i was celebrating that the US flag was reduced from its previous massive & central orbit. lol.

  3. I would like to personally apologize for not preventing the occurrence of the perception. Relative size and occlusion were merely used to provide depth perception (as to the distance of balloons), and not to signify (on a deeper interpretation) that some jurisdictions are less important than others. (I actually had a discussion with friends early today as to whether being far means being far from the action or whether being far means that everyone has to catch up. Even if I had to take on the issue more seriously, a correlation of flags as to sizes could not really provide a definitive conclusion on the matter.) Corollary, I actually did not pursue distance fogging and color vision anymore to further increase depth perception since such would distort the flag colors (towards something lighter and blueish). I am sure I’ll get complaints for distorting red into lilac as a result. :)

    Thanks, Michelle, for the US balloon suggestion when this cover was just being proposed. If not for that, I would not have had the opportunity to count the balloons for the last time and find that the Chilean balloon was actually missing in the first submission. I am sure I could not provide any remotely valid explanation for that. :D

  4. @Berne, no please don’t worry! Alice was just teasing about balloon prominence — I think the design is beautiful & won’t change a thing. :-)

    Plus, as you say, the size of the balloon is a matter of perspective. Perhaps the faintest ones are the balloons winning the race? ;-)

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