Kiss and Drive

After visiting the post-apocalyptic haunt of Louvain-la-Neuve, it was refreshing to see Belgians with a sense of humor. The “Kiss and Drive” signs at Brussels National Airport guide visitors to the passenger drop-off point, where families and lovers bid farewell with a kiss.

In a time of hyper-paranoia and over-regulation in airports, it’s charming to see a security sign that instead makes you smile.


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  1. pfandfrei · July 13, 2008

    ‘kiss and ride’ (or in this case, drive) is a pretty normal sign – did i miss something?

  2. pfandfrei · July 13, 2008

    i also accessed this post from my RSS FEEDER

  3. thornet · July 13, 2008

    @pfandfrei Really? I had never seen it before. Is it in the US of A?

    PS Congrats on your RSS reader/feed success. Which one are you using?

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  5. Mike · July 13, 2008