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Learning from Wind, Water and Ice

Sometimes as an adult, you can feel quite static. As a kid, you cycle through your day of play and crafts and learning and sports and talking and being silly and just being. As an adult, especially living through a pandemic and the many compounding…

ThingsCon Takeaways

This May Berlin hosted the second ThingsCon, a event about the internet of things and this year, refreshingly, about the ethics thereof. Jon Rogers and I ran a workshop called “Design Frictions”, where we made networks with lots of household objects and then negotiated contracts…

Junior Lab Berlin

During the Easter holidays, Sven Ehmann (@se_etc) organized an incredible camp for kids to tinker with technology called Junior Lab.. Over the course of several days, young people were first introduced to software, hardware and the web. Then they chose from a theme (Mutant Heroes,…

Berlin U-Bahn Camouflage

Blend into the Berliner U-bahn with these camo t-shirts [Peter]( made, available on [Print All Over Me](


All a-glow still from our wedding last week. Couldn’t be happier, Peter! PS. Some [meme-tastic hadouken images]( as well.