Fun with translucency

I really enjoyed this project, which uses translucency in PNG files to fun effect: So I decided to do a quick remix: As part of my [Webmaker in a Year]( efforts, I’ve also started the [Javascript lesson in Codecademy](, which so far isn’t that intimidating…

Super Mario Wall

This took longer than I’d like to admit (two days worth), but I finally got the positioning down (more or less). Instead of using px as measurements, I switched to em and percentages, so that the objects stay (to some extent) in the same spot…

Mario Wall

Today I tried out [Google Fonts]( but think I made a mistake, since they weren’t displaying properly. So then I went crazy trying to recreate a Super Mario scene, using images picked up across the web. I still can’t get the li to align properly….

Webmaker in a Year

After publishing this, Laura generously sent me a [remixed comic]( with very cool CSS tricks. Will try these out tomorrow!