Free Culture Book Sprint @ transmediale

Traditional book production time lines are normally measured in months and years. Book Sprints produce comparable content in 2-5 days.

The Transmediale Book Sprint: Write a book with us!

Topic: Free Culture Jan 18-22, Berlin & online Info Session (optional):  Jan. 12, 13:00h @ St. Oberholz

In 5 days, we’ll write a full, ready-print book about Free Culture — with your help!

Sound impossible? It’s not. Find out from the only people in the world experimenting with this method and see the (free) software they have built to support collaborative authoring and Book Sprints.

As an example, the How to Bypass Internet Censorship book was written in 5 days. The sprint brought eight people together from around the world. We started work on the text at 9:00 AM Monday and finished with a beer on Friday at 6:00PM. At that moment, with the click of a button, we generated the book-ready source files and uploaded them to the print-on-demand service. 220 page book finished in 5 days.

The Introduction to the Command Line was also produced in a Book Sprint and has been described by Free Software Foundation Board Members as the best book on the topic. The really unusual part of this books story is that it was written by 20 people all working remotely, collaborating to make a 280 page book in just 2 days. Come find out how it works and how to participate.

Info Session: Transmediale Book Sprint on Free Culture.

Where: Cafe St. Oberholz When: Jan. 12 at 13:00h

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