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Trailer for an informative and timely documentary about online privacy, a project by Demand Progress. Check it out and take action.

Orwell vs. Kafka: Against nothing-to-hide

In debates about the need to protect privacy, the most common response from people is, “Well, I have nothing to hide.” Daniel J. Solove in The Chronicle of Higher Education unpacks this reply and provides nuanced arguments about why the usual back-and-forth on privacy is…

Berlin’s Media Art Community: A Female Perspective

Berlin's Media Art Community: A Female Perspective from Michelle Thorne Last month I was kindly invited by Supermarkt’s founder and curator, Ela Kagel, to speak about my perspective as a woman in Berlin’s media + tech scene. We were asked to share our influences, mentors…

A Mindcraft Roller Coaster

Pretty impressive Beetlejuice roller coaster in Mindcraft. How many hours do you think it took to build it?