The Environment and Web Literacy

Last week, Greenpeace’s Mobilization Lab and Volunteering Lab teamed up with Aspiration Tech to convene the first Open Campaigns Camp in Berlin’s betahaus. The aim of the #OCCBerlin was to gather practitioners of technology-enabled open campaigning to learn how to organize more effective campaigns by…


Casa Jasmina: How to be a guest in an open source connected home

“It’s a home first and connected second.” — @bruces “We’re looking for lean-forward living.” — @jasminatwitter About a year ago, Jasmina Tesanovic and Bruce Sterling had a brilliant idea. All around, there was talk of a bright and shiny future: smart cities filled with quantified…

Terms and Conditions May Apply

Trailer for an informative and timely documentary about online privacy, a project by Demand Progress. Check it out and take action.

Orwell vs. Kafka: Against nothing-to-hide

In debates about the need to protect privacy, the most common response from people is, “Well, I have nothing to hide.” Daniel J. Solove in The Chronicle of Higher Education unpacks this reply and provides nuanced arguments about why the usual back-and-forth on privacy is…