Branch Magazine: Issue 3

cover illustration of Branch Magazine issue 3

Branch Magazine is dedicated to uplifting fresh thinking for how to green the web technically, aesthetically and politically. 

Themes in this issue include:

  • solarpunk artifacts
  • a vision for a fossil-free internet
  • decolonizing innovation and the Green New Deal
  • tech workers unionizing and saying no to fossil fuels
  • green software practices, and
  • combating climate disinformation and adtech.

Plus a beautiful new cover by Nairobi-based illustrator, Tara Light!

We hope this issue provides both analysis that connects sustainability to root causes and highlights pilots and actions working in promising ways at the intersection of climate and the internet.

Thank you!

To the brilliant contributors in this issue: Loraine Clarke, Babitha George, Romit Raj, Jon Rogers, Neha Singh, Martin Skelly and Pete Thomas, Yuvraj Jha, Shayna Robinson, Clarissa Redwine, Ifeoma Ozoma, Cathleen Berger, Ian Brooks MBCS, Minna Laurell Thorslund, Aksel Biørn-Hansen, Elena Somova, Climate Disinformation Coalition, CE Delft, Anne Currie, Tom Jarrett, Abhishek Gupta, Luis Cruz, Myriam Douo, Richard Kim, and Andres Colmenares.

And to the wonderful team who makes this magazine with me: Chris Adams, Carrie Hou, Hannah Smith, Tom Jarrett and Jack Lenox.

Enjoy reading!

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