Activist in residency (in motherhood)

What is it? This is a self-directed residency taking place during my parental leave. Over the next few months, between nap times and playing with my infant son, I’d like to investigate: Small utopias. What does “a better world” mean to me? What intellectual and…

Zephyr Berlin: Successfully funded and shipped. What’s next?

We did it! Zephyr Berlin is fully funded via Kickstarter. We produced 100 pairs for our first edition batch and shipped them out all over the world. It’s been such a joy hearing the feedback and seeing photos of people wearing their pair. I’ve particularly…

Zephyr Berlin launching on Kickstarter

We’re making a pair of pants. The idea: look great and travel lightly with one pair of pants. We’ve been testing the women’s and men’s styles for the last few months. It’s been loads of fun seeing it all come together, and we wanted to…

A Mindcraft Roller Coaster

Pretty impressive Beetlejuice roller coaster in Mindcraft. How many hours do you think it took to build it?

One Year Iron Blogger Berlin

Read the lovely antischokke’s post about Iron Blogger Berlin. With ca. 20 bloggers, 900EUR collected, and just as much consumed in beer, it’ll be fun to keep on writing into 2013, even if sometimes slacking gets the best of me.