Gathering for a Sustainable Internet

Last year Fieke Jansen and I organized a foresight workshop on Sustainability and Trustworthy AI,which convened practitioners working in digital rights, AI technology, racial justice and the climate movement in Europe. This year we continued the conversation in the first Gathering for a Sustainable Internet. Below is a set of reflections from the gathering.

The need for a sustainable Internet is becoming more urgent, yet entrenched interests are outspending and undermining real efforts to tackle these crises. 

We’ve heard from many practitioners that they would like to meet others who are challenging the status quo and building alternatives and that there is a need for movement-building moments around climate and technology. 

The Gathering for a Sustainable Internet convened around 25 digital rights, climate justice, and open/green technology practitioners thinking at a “network level” about these challenges. We sought to work with people interested in building bridges, working in coalition with each other, and collaborating at scale.

Over two half-day sessions, we set out to:

  • Learn about each other’s perspectives in digital rights, climate justice, openness, and greening the Internet.
  • Uplift pilots and prototypes that are working in promising ways.Identify assets and gaps to mobilize more effectively.
  • Map paths to influence funding, legislation, and innovation.
  • Spark collaboration and strive toward broader and more integrated strategies.

Read the full post on the Green Web Foundation’s website.

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