a true friend hangs up at 0:59

A friend of mine and I recently had an enlightening conversation about cell phone minutes. And about the fact that each new minute of the conversation is charged at a full minute price, even if you only talked a few seconds over.

This lead us to the inescapable conclusion: a true friend hangs up at 0:59.

Hora Est, photo by Photocapy licensed under CC BY-SA.

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  1. i had a 5:10 conversation the other day and felt a queasy feeling of failure…

  2. @miss america:

    I have another point of clarification for this debate. If the call is incoming, do you hang up near the minute mark out of solidarity? Compassion for a fellow caller? lol.

  3. unfortunately i dont know how long calls go for until they’re over! but i def. wouldnt’ cut conversations short if i could see the timing, it’s only something i do after the fact like for spass.

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