The Futures are with C-Shirt

Nihau! Been offline for awhile, due mostly to taking a long and necessary vacation in Kunming and Chengdu, China. Before that was the whirlwind of webby openness at the iSummit 08 in Sapporo, which I’ll hopefully be posting more about soon.

While at the iSummit, the “I work for the Internets” shirt made an appearance, and the concept was taken to the next level by CC Japan’s C-Shirt project, a clever and fun way of sharing and remixing t-shirt designs. At the moment, C-Shirt is hosted at Nota, a “casual collaboration” platform that in Sapporo proved itself to be fairly intuitive and even fit for touch screen development. What’s even cooler is that each C-Shirt comes with a Quick Response (QR) code, which is a type of barcode that can be scanned by your mobile phone. So if you spot a C-Shirt you like, you can scan the code and be taken to the URL hosting that design, remix it, or order it right then and there.

If you haven’t come across a live and walking C-Shirt yet, you can still access all the designs through Nota. To do this, you’ll have to create an account (ask me if you’d like an invite!) and then either pull up an existing t-shirt design or start your own. In Nota’s editing mode, you can manipulate the design’s layout, colors, and text, plus upload your own graphics. Although some of the formatting tools are limited (for example, only five fonts are supported), you can still achieve a good range of styles and effects.

Then, once you’re happy with your design, you can send it to the printers. This step requires some expensive equipment, but for the iSummit, CC Japan brought their own printers. I predict, if Nota has any merit, other t-shirt shops like Spreadshirt or Cafepress will add support for sharing and printing designs through the C-Shirt model. I know I sure had fun with it.

Premiere of the “I work on the Futures” C-Shirt:

Other cool C-Shirts walking around:

“Piracy funds terrorism” by Vlidi:

“Untitled”by Horrorkatze:

“I support Free Culture” by BobChao:

All designs on C-Shirt are CC BY-SA

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