Googlegängers and Bubble Tea

bubble tea, homemade style” by massdistraction | CC NC ND

Yesterday I had the pleasure of again joining the Küchenradio team, this time in a more relaxed apartment setting rather than the last week´s stage experiment. We chatted about Googlegängers (there`s a lady that makes a whole career out of finding hers) and brewed some bubble tea. Uncle Andy and Cindy asked about American dating customs, while Dr. Phil kept us on topic with a good introduction to Creative Commons. Frau Katja posed some thoughtful commentary about alternative licensing and later related the trials and tribulations of waxing.

I regret that when asked about my impression of Germans, I neglected to mention the obvious: Germans are paranoid about being cold. For them, there`s an immediate and psychological cause-effect between say, wearing flips-flops in autumn and coming down with the flu. Without fail, a German will point to an American wearing sandals in September and scoff, “You`ll catch a cold like that.” Germans are also obsessed with scarves and insist that anyone not wearing one will suffer from influenza as harsh winds ravage their unproteced neck.


Catch the podcast and have a laugh. It´s under CC BY-SA.

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