BarCamp Hamburg 2008


Hands-on conferencing in the Hansestadt! BarCamp Hamburg is in full swing in the welcoming OTTO GmbH offices. There’s 83 slotted sessions over two days. Quite a few sessions are talking about “x + 2.0” (China, Mobile, Hotel, Browser Games, World Improvement), but thankfully there are a more innovative titles to be found: Cat Content, Journalism Outsourcing, and HowTo Make the Elephant Dance.

Zeitgeisty hero Kai organized a car-full of Berliner “alte Hasen” to journey through black ice and early-morning haze, arriving in Hamburg with time to spare. The OTTO building was easy enough to reach, and the friendly orga team greeted us at the door and handed out the best Barcamp tshirts to date.

The first round of sessions were scratched because of the bad weather, but around 11:00am the reverend head honcho Franz called us into the main room and officially kicked off the event. Half the room raised their hands to say they’re barcamp newbies — a great sign for bcch08’s outreach and internets affinity in Hamburg. Plus it was an active crowd: the line to introduce sessions went out the door, both on Saturday and Sunday.


Mobile 2.0 was the most packed session I visited (apart from semi-aggessive Google Android Demo). The take away lesson? A new game of buzz word bingo, which you can study from the Mobile 2.0 Cloud.

The Creative Commons 101 session went well! Zeitgeisty’s Nicole Ebber, CC Germany Legal Lead John Weitzmann, and I introduced the CC basics, which Peter live blogged (thank you!). It was great to see an attentive crowd. Lots of good topics were covered, and we even got to learn about a new CC-licensed project: Open Critics.

The rest of the time I popped in and out of sessions. There was lots of bustle, podcasting, and brainstorming everywhere at the conference. The chill corner earned a good reputation with massive branded beanbags, and of course the food tables attracted a crowd.

Huge kudos go to the orga team for the smooth logistics and excellent outreach. The catering was lecker, although discerning veggie dishes was tricky. The atmosphere was incredibly friendly, and I got to meet a heap of new folks. Thanks a lot to the sponsors for supporting the event, and thanks to all the participants for making it a fun and memorable barcamp!


Image: Barcamp Hamburg 2-10 by adesigna, available under Creative Commons NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Unported and bchh08 by Thorsten HH, available under Creative Commons NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 2.0 Unported.

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