Photoshop Adbusting in Berlin Subway

A few days ago I tweeted about a clever “Photoshopped” Adbusting action in Kaiserdamm. The artist applied large overlays of Photoshop tool bars to a billboard featuring the heavily edited visages of The Brit, The Tina, and The Leona.





Unfortunately, by the time I got out to Kaiserdamm to take my own pictures, a blank wall greeted me instead. Looks like the BVG moves fast.

Kaiserdamm post-adbusters

It’s a pity the BVG hasn’t bothered to take down the hideous “un”photoshopped originals hanging in Kotti and pretty much everywhere else in Berlin.

Still, if ad-busters don’t get to them first, maybe more subway stations could pick up on art initiatives like Gl├╝ck gehabt! in Weinmeister Str, Bernauer Str, and Volta Str, where local arts impress billboards with ACTUAL ART. Their work is professional and poignant, and official art billboards give artists more exposure and don”t assault citizens with vacuous, pop filler-ads. Commuters are already captive audiences. Man, while in the Ubahn, I read every line of the Berliner Fenster and then some. Let’s put this undivided attention to good use and give Berliners something really worth looking at!

Images: Credited by “Crew: (FTW) / Mr. Tailon, Baveux Prod., Kone & Epoxy!” presumably under an undetermined CC license (see logo in photos’ bottom corner).

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