Artvertiser: Augmented Reality Replaces Ads With Art


Wanna combine adbusting with bleeding edge gadgetry?

Check out this toy, the Artvertiser. It’s a netbook hacked with a video camera so it can recognize billboard advertising and overlay it with art images. Talk about product re-placement!

The project uses Free and open source software, and hand held devices are expected to roll out soon, particularly the Android. Judging by the demo video, these Spanish tinkerers live in Berlin. Anyone know them? I want to play too! ^_^

From their website:

The Artvertiser software is trained to recognise individual advertisements, each of which become a virtual ‘canvas’ on which an artist can exhibit images or video when viewed through the hand-held device.

After training, wherever the advertisement appears, the chosen art will appear instead when viewed live through the hand-held device. It doesn’t matter whether the advertisement is on a building, in a magazine or on the side of a vehicle.

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