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By 9gag via weexinsitu

But no flat white (steamed milk plus espresso shot) or cortado (espresso cut with condensed milk). What kind of coffee do you drink? “Be a coffee-drinking individual – espresso yourself!”



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  1. ^dj · August 27, 2010

    Nice graph! Just a slight correction: you don’t use condensed milk for a cortado, just regular milk. Some people ask for the milk to be at room temperature instead of “hot like hell”, as it should be.

  2. thornet · August 27, 2010

    Thanks for the comment!

    You’re right that some people make cortado’s with regular milk, although my favorite is with condensed milk. I think this is called a cortado condensada or bombon in Spain.

    Know any good coffee places? ^_^

    • ^dj · August 27, 2010

      It’s always a pleasure to write about coffee :-)

      Yes, café bombón is quite popular in Spain. I don’t like it at all because coffee and sugar don’t go together for me, but I find it visually beautiful: condensed milk, being much more dense than water, goes to the bottom of the glass (cortados are usually served in a short glass).

      If you’re into coffee+alcohol, as many people in Spain are, you can reach a similar effect with a café solo + Baileys (“carajillo de Baileys”) or a similar alcoholic cream. Some people add milk to that as well, and call it a “semáforo”.

      You can have good coffee in almost any bar in Barcelona. It seems I’ll see you in Berlin before that though, so you should show me good coffee places there ;-)

      • thornet · August 27, 2010

        Oh, I’ll have to try the semáforo in Barcelona during the Drumbeat festival. ;-)

        Would be happy to share the very tasty coffee places in Berlin. This is my all-time favorite (pity that the website isn’t as well designed as their coffee):

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