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But no flat white (steamed milk plus espresso shot) or cortado (espresso cut with condensed milk). What kind of coffee do you drink? “Be a coffee-drinking individual – espresso yourself!”


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  1. Nice graph! Just a slight correction: you don’t use condensed milk for a cortado, just regular milk. Some people ask for the milk to be at room temperature instead of “hot like hell”, as it should be.

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    You’re right that some people make cortado’s with regular milk, although my favorite is with condensed milk. I think this is called a cortado condensada or bombon in Spain.

    Know any good coffee places? ^_^

    • It’s always a pleasure to write about coffee :-)

      Yes, café bombón is quite popular in Spain. I don’t like it at all because coffee and sugar don’t go together for me, but I find it visually beautiful: condensed milk, being much more dense than water, goes to the bottom of the glass (cortados are usually served in a short glass).

      If you’re into coffee+alcohol, as many people in Spain are, you can reach a similar effect with a café solo + Baileys (“carajillo de Baileys”) or a similar alcoholic cream. Some people add milk to that as well, and call it a “semáforo”.

      You can have good coffee in almost any bar in Barcelona. It seems I’ll see you in Berlin before that though, so you should show me good coffee places there ;-)

      • Oh, I’ll have to try the semáforo in Barcelona during the Drumbeat festival. ;-)

        Would be happy to share the very tasty coffee places in Berlin. This is my all-time favorite (pity that the website isn’t as well designed as their coffee):

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