Copyfight: a Eulogy to Authorship

A Eulogy to Authorship, my abecedary attempt at lit-art, is now published the magazine Pulse Berlin. The piece is a light-hearted “plagiarism” from over 50 attributed sources. Pretty much each line was borrow or straight copied from someone else in a collage to prove the aesthetic merits of remix. The style of the 12-paged copy/paste article (6 of which are endnotes and citations) is itself a ripoff of Jonathan Lethem’s most excellent The Ecstasy of Influence: A Plagiarism, published in 2007 in Harper’s Magazine. He’s my first citation. ^_^

A Eulogy to Authorship is the preface of my bachelor’s thesis, Copywritings: Technology Authorship, and Originality in American Copyright Law.

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