Knight-Mozilla News Innovation Jams Hit 15 Cities

Do you have ideas for how news and journalism can be edgier, cooler, and more interactive online?

You can qualify directly for a yearlong, paid innovation fellowship at the BBC, Guardian, ZEIT Online, Boston Globe and Al Jazeera by rising to the Knight-Mozila News Innovation Challenges (#MoJo) during a news jam in your city. You can also submit your brilliant ideas online until close of business EST on June 5.

The Jams

In 15 cities around the world, hacks (journalists) and hackers (developers) are teaming up to build prototypes that help journalists take advantage of the open web and engage with citizens in new ways. You can join, too.

The Challenges

We’re tackling three design challenges:

The Cities

Innovators from San Francisco to Buenos Aires, from Guatemala City to Chicago, are sketching ideas on napkins, sharing experiences about journalism and the web, and being rewarded with beer (or MoJoitos) and good company. Particularly exciting is a partnership  with Hacks/Hackers, a network of journalists and technologists, in several cities.

You can still join some jams in person:

Read up on the past action in:


These innovation jams are also teeing up major projects and partnerships for the forthcoming Mozilla Festival, Media, Freedom and the Web, this fall in London. Stay tuned to learn how get involved, and visit Mozilla Journalism (@KnightMozilla) for more info on MoJo.

Jon Rogers of Product Design at the University Dundee

MoJo hacks from Guatemala City

Brainstorming in El Salvador

Knight-Mozilla News Innovation Jam by Hacks/Hackers Argentina

Hacks/Hackers jamming in Seattle

Teaming up with El Periodico in Guatemala

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