Wissenswert: €5000 for Free Knowledge projects

A fantastic initiative from Wikimedia Germany: an idea competition, “Wissenswert”, calling for projects that further Free Knowledge. Winning submissions can receive up to €5000.

I’d love to see projects in the spirit of the “School of Open“, an idea Jane Park (@janedaily) proposed during the Mozilla Festival. Although just in early scaffolding stages, I think with a combination of P2PU-style learning, simple tools like the Hackasaurus X-ray Goggles, and the outreach programs like Wikipedia Goes to School (“Wikipedia Macht Schule“), this project could be a powerful combination to really teach students and grown-ups alike how easy and fun it can be to edit the web.

Bad user experience and lack of awareness continue to block many potential Wikipedia contributors. But kid-oriented tools and lightweight learning missions, coupled with programs that work with teachers and schools to bring the ideas to the classroom, these barriers will be lowered.

Can we make a Hackasaurus module to learn about Wikipedia?

That’d be my idea, if I had time to send it in.

If you’ve got a great Free Culture project, submit it by Nov. 24: http://wikimedia.de/wiki/WissensWert

Some of the grantees last year:

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  2. Hey Michelle- Actually— quite a few of the Hackasaurus contributors are Wikimedia contributors as well. In fact at MozFest- Alina and I were talking about the hacking the news curriculum that they used in Barcelona could be adapted to be something related to Wikipedia…. also Alex, Cliff and Amir are all wiki-wonderful. Could be interesting to mix it up with the “p2pu challenges”.


  3. Cool idea, Michelle!

    One technical challenge of using the X-Ray Goggles with Wikipedia–which is one of the first things I think of when I think “Hackasaurus module to learn about Wikipedia”–is that the preferred code for editing content in Wikipedia is Mediawiki markup, yet the code that’s surfaced by the goggles is HTML. The ideal wiki goggles, I suspect, would show you (and let you remix) the wiki markup for an element you’re looking at rather than the HTML. In order to do that, though, we need to trace the HTML element that a user is looking at back to its original wiki markup, which could be hard. If that makes any sense.

    If that’s totally not what you had in mind, though, I’d like to know what you’re thinking!

    An aside: one thing that would be really interesting (and not too hard technically) would be to implement a wiki in which the primary “wiki markup language” was simply HTML; this would allow the goggles to be the primary way content is changed on the wiki. But it’d have to be a brand-new wiki, not Wikipedia.

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