Wissenswert: €5000 for Free Knowledge projects

A fantastic initiative from Wikimedia Germany: an idea competition, “Wissenswert”, calling for projects that further Free Knowledge. Winning submissions can receive up to €5000.

I’d love to see projects in the spirit of the “School of Open“, an idea Jane Park (@janedaily) proposed during the Mozilla Festival. Although just in early scaffolding stages, I think with a combination of P2PU-style learning, simple tools like the Hackasaurus X-ray Goggles, and the outreach programs like Wikipedia Goes to School (“Wikipedia Macht Schule“), this project could be a powerful combination to really teach students and grown-ups alike how easy and fun it can be to edit the web.

Bad user experience and lack of awareness continue to block many potential Wikipedia contributors. But kid-oriented tools and lightweight learning missions, coupled with programs that work with teachers and schools to bring the ideas to the classroom, these barriers will be lowered.

Can we make a Hackasaurus module to learn about Wikipedia?

That’d be my idea, if I had time to send it in.

If you’ve got a great Free Culture project, submit it by Nov. 24: http://wikimedia.de/wiki/WissensWert

Some of the grantees last year:

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