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In preparation for the [Mozilla Foundation All-Hands]( this week in Toronto, **we were asked to make a video explaining what we’re working on.** The goal was both to produce a snappy, visual artifact and to play around with [Popcorn Maker](, a web authoring tool for interaction.

Together with the talented [Anna Lena](, **we converted the [Mozilla Event Menu]( into a stop-motion video.**

We had a lot of fun producing the video: we found a good iPhone app, [iTime-Lapse](, to take the pics, and thanks to Tom from Betahaus/Open Design City, we drilled together a tripod to hold the phone above our scene. Then, after a scavenger hunt to find all the props, we shot the video.

(Score! That’s the first time I’ve used the < video > tag on my blog.)

I hope to keep hacking on a Popcorn-ified version of the video over the coming weeks, plus the next iteration of the event menu, thanks to a lot of great feedback from the Mozilla community.

**A huge thanks to Anna Lena for all the help and to Betahaus’ Open Design City** for all the gear and the create, inspiring environment.

*Music: [“Hustle”]( by [Kevin MacLeod]( / [CC BY 3.0 Unported](*
*Video: [“Mozilla Events”]( by [Michelle Thorne]( & [Anna Lena Schiller](, [CC BY 3.0 Unported](*

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