Mozilla Popcorn Learning Lab in London

Next up in the round of event recipes, Brett & I wrote up a **[Popcorn learning lab](**

Since publishing the [Popcorn hack jams]( how-to, we’ve been in touch with [film festivals](, [coder communities](, and ( from all over about running events about Popcorn.

## Skill up the community ##

At the moment, **we’re still in a resource-crunch.** Even though we can help event organizers to plan and facilitate their hack jam, there’s **a shortage of people who know how to use Popcorn.**

The options we currently have are:

* fly around Team Popcorn, based primarily in North America
* or, **skill up web developers the world over, empower them to code and facilitate,** and reward core contributors with trips to cool places like Cannes and Cape Town.

The more we can train the trainers, the more we can scale these open projects.

## Test Round in London ##

To test out the recipe and grow the European community, we’re throwing a **[learning lab on Sunday, March 25 in London.](**

We’re looking for **Javascript developers and filmmakers** bold enough to dabble with code. Drinks, code, and good ideas are in the mix at this one-day event led by the Mozilla Popcorn team. **[Please sign up to join!](**

Want to know what we’ll do in London, or how to host your own Popcorn learning lab? **[Read our howto.](**

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