10 Photos.

Visitors Welcome


Mozfest Website Desigin'


Sylt Sun

Zossen / Wünsdorf

Stop Obesity

20 Years Quatsch Comedy Club

View near party venue for Mozfest 2012

Ukiyoe, the print master

1. Visitors Welcome. Sign at my grandfather’s house. “Take nothing but pictures and sea grass. Leave nothing but footprints. Enjoy.”
2. Fuji-San.
3. Designing the Mozfest 2012 website. All post-it brainstorms look the same from afar.
4. Inside [Platform4](http://www.platform4.dk/ ), a maker hub and coworking space in Aalborg, Denmark.
5. Sylt Sunset.
6. [Bunker Wünsdorf Zepplin](https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bunker_W%C3%BCnsdorf_Zeppelin). Site of one of the largest underground bunkers in Germany during World War II. Housed critical communications infrastructure. Short ride from Berlin.
7. Stop Obesity.
8. 20 Years of [Quatsch Comedy Club](http://quatsch-comedy-club.de/).
9. View from near our party location for Mozfest 2012 in London.
10. Ukiyoe Small Museum. “Open when I wake up / and close when I must go / to sleep / when I’ve had enough / the store is closed”

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