Mozilla Festival 2012: Making, Freedom and the Web

Thrilled to again lead the Mozilla Festival, and a yearly celebration of learning and innovation for and with the web. The event will take place in London, November 9 -11.

We want everyone to tap the full creative power of the web. The Mozilla Festival is a magnet for people interested in learning about — and playing with — the web’s future.” –Mark Surman, Executive Director, Mozilla

Coders, designers, journalists and educators will join with filmmakers, gamers, makers and youth from more than 40 different countries. Together they’ll participate in a series of design challenges, learning labs and fireside chats spread across four floors of the Ravensbourne design and media campus in East London.

Unlike traditional conferences, the Mozilla Festival is on hands-on making and collaboration. It’s “more hack, less yack.” You won’t see slides or sages on the stage. Instead, it’s a big, bustling tent for everyone who shares Mozilla’s vision for a more open, web literate world.

Technology is at the point where learners don’t just use the tools, but make the tools. This happens at places like the Mozilla Festival, where geeks and practitioners get together.” Joi Ito, Mozilla Foundation Board Member, Director of MIT Media Lab

This year’s key themes:

Get involved

Re-posting an article by Matt Thompson.

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