Blast Off!

I’ve been playing with [Javascript thanks to Codecademy]( (at the moment, working on if/else statements and for loops). And now [CSS3 transitions]( have caught my eye. Surfing around, there are **a lot of beautiful designs I’d like to learn how to do.**

Some examples:

* [Windows of New York](
* [Thrive Solo](
* [Polaroids](

There’s also **[this clock](, which is animated just by CSS transitions and rotations.** The author also does a great job of [explaining how to make it](

With that inspiration, plus a cool-looking site called [Mulenog](, **I thought I’d mash up the clock and the moonscape into a space countdown.**

After spending way more time than I’d like to admit, I hacked something together in jsbin. In the process of adapting the CSS clock, I found this [helpful countdown code on Github]( to replace the analogue clock. I also obviously took a lot of elements from the pretty Mulenog to understand how they work.

So, here’s [the space mashup](! It’s not completely laid out properly for smaller screens, but maybe that’s next. See [full screen]( :-)

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