About the Future in Times of Crisis: Ding Magazine, Issue 3

About the Future in Times of Crisis

Pirate care, sustainable internet, pluralistic democracy and beautiful futurisms. This is about the future in times of crisis.

The incredible Julia Kloiber led the publication of the latest issue of Ding magazine today.

Thank you to the amazing contributors—from Hong Kong to Venezuela, Belarus and the Amazons. The magazine was accompanied by an online panel hosted by Julia. You can find a recording here.

A huge thank you especially to Camila Nobrega and Vândria Borari for kindly republishing their wonderful article, One Vision, One World. Whose World Then? from Branch magazine.

The third issue of Ding is a collaboration between the Goethe Institute and Superrr Lab. It is co-curated by Julia Kloiber, Martina Puchberger, Irini Papadimitriou, Michelle Thorne, Jon Rogers and Elisa Lindinger. Design by Rainbow Unicorn. Editor: Katharine Waters.

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