ThingsCon Stories: Greening the Web

ThingsCon Stories

ThingsCon is publishing its wonderful annual State of Responsible IoT (RIOT Report) shortly.

As part of the publication, ThingsCon is sitting down with contributors from the report and talking about the issues they wrote about. Check out my episode about greening the web. More episodes with fantastic people are to come!

The ThingsCon team will also be hosting Good Things Fest (great name!) next week. It’s a pity we can’t all meet in person in Amsterdam, but the event offers an excellent line-up of IoT practitioners across Europe sharing their expertise and experience. There’s a dedicated education day where I’ll co-host a session with the OpenDoTT program, and I’m also keen to check out the session on speculative energy futures and the very cool AMAs with Alex Deschamps-Sonsino, Vladan Joler, Matt Webb, Patrick Tanguay, and Nadya Peek.

Definitely tune in!

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