Forthcoming research on digital rights and climate justice

Mozilla, the Ford Foundation and Ariadne are kicking off a new research project exploring how digital rights and climate justice intersect. The research will better equip digital rights funders to craft grantmaking strategies that maximize impact on both issues.

Interim findings from the research will be released in the first quarter of 2022.

The research will be conducted by The Engine Room, with additional deep dives into specific issues by the Association for Progressive Communications, BSR, and Open Environmental Data Project.

Read more in the announcement on Mozilla’s blog.

And from The Engine Room:

“We’ll look at how climate and environmental justice can be centered in digital rights movements and explore some of the areas where digital rights and environmental justice intersect. Specifically, we’ll be exploring what kinds of collaborations between the two currently exist, what challenges these collaborations face, and what opportunities there are for strategic action to achieve goals on both fronts in an intersectional way.”

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