Mozilla Festival: What Next

At the [Mozilla Festival](, **an incredible group of 700 journalists, coders, designers, and educators made over [20 prototypes](**, [learned]( about media & the web together, drank [buzzing coffee](, played [geek ping pong](, and [so much more]( How can we [keep up the momentum]( How can…

I Work For the Internet

[I Work For the Internet]( is freshly launched campaign by [Fighting For Freedom]( against harmful internet blacklist legislation, [SOPA](, making it’s way through Congress **right now**. A coalition including the EFF, Mozilla, Creative Commons, Wikimedia, and many other organizations [have been rallying]( internet users to…

In the Flesh

>The new magnetism of congregation seems universal…The web becomes not a destination in itself but a route map to somewhere real. — Simon Jenkins, *[Welcome to the post-digital world, an exhilarating return to civility](*

My Web.

>When you own a domain you’re a first class citizen of the web. [Adrian Short]( For the last few months, I’ve been in a blogging slump. Like presumably a lot of people, the sheer number of communication channels has both overwhelmed and satisfying the urge…

Hello world. Again.

A schweet new site. We want MOAR! *Update* And here’s the RSS feed: []( Thanks, Christopher!