Mozilla Festival: What Next

At the [Mozilla Festival](, **an incredible group of 700 journalists, coders, designers, and educators made over [20 prototypes](**, [learned]( about media & the web together, drank [buzzing coffee](, played [geek ping pong](, and [so much more](

How can we [keep up the momentum]( How can we continue making & learning together?

## What’s Next? ##

The simplest way is to:

**Join our [web maker community calls]( every Tuesday:**

>Tuesdays at 4pm GMT (5pm CET / 11am Eastern / 8am Pacific)
>Conferencing Number: + 1 800-503-2899
>7-Digit Access Code: 5435555

We’re also experimenting with [virtual fireside chats]( and learning labs to make it easy and accessible to keep up the conversation. If you want to see a topic covered, or would like to host a chat, please let us know.

## Hacktivity Kits ##

We’re looking **to develop, test, and improve “Hacktivity Kits”** so that people can join in ways that help them build and learn about the web together.

The [Hackasaurus team](, led by talented Jess Klein & Atul Varma, is paving the way with their [Hacktivity Kit]( It includes lesson plans, IT checklists, and lots of helpful advice for hosting your own hack jam and using their webmaking tools online.

The Hackasaurus kit will continue to evolve, and we **plan to adapt its fun, user-friendly format to activities around [Popcorn](, [Knight-Mozilla](, and the [Hive Learning Network](**. That way, more people can join in ways that help them build and learn about the web together.

## Beta Testers? ##

We’re looking to develop, test, and improve more Hacktivity Kits.

**If you’re interested in hacking on these kits, please get in touch** (michelle _at_ mozillafoundation . org). You can host an event yourself to test them, or just give feedback about what you’d like to see included or improved.

We’re learning as well and are eager to collaborate with you to make the most of this opportunity and **growing community of practice!**


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