Mozilla Festival: What We Made

Over the last month, we’ve been tracking the outputs from the Mozilla Festival.

**A great number of thank-you’s are due all around** to all the [participants, facilitators](, [volunteers](, [staff](, [supporters](, and the wonderful Ravensbourne for making this such a memorable event.

## 20 Prototypes ##

**We’ve [curated 20 prototypes]( that came out of Mozfest.**

From 60 pages collaboratively written in the Data Journalism Handbook to monsters and trapdoors coded in a browser game; from 10-year-olds producing podcasts to a physical app store for community info; a charter for the School of Open charter to numerous paper prototypes; the Poptocopter, hackbattles, badges, and plugins for Popcorn…

**There is just [heaps of good stuff]( made by talented folks.**

If we’ve missed anything, or if you have updates, please tweet ’em using #mozfest. Let’s [keep up the momentum](!

Thanks again to everyone. I’m all verklemmpt.

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