What I wish Wikipedia (and others) were saying:

“Today, we’re going to an extreme to notify the public of bills that threaten the Internet. We’re doing so because this was the only way to get your attention.

The mainstream news media was not going to tell you about SOPA or PIPA. Many of your elected officials want to push through harmful legislation because their supporters demand it, and they know you’re unlikely to hold them accountable.

It’s vitally important to stop SOPA or PIPA from passing, but what’s even more important is that you start paying attention and demand better from your government. Even if we stop SOPA, the larger problem continues.

Tomorrow we’re going to go back to business as usual, but it’s up to you whether Congress does.

— Joe Brockmeier, What I Wish Wikipedia and Others Were Saying About SOPA/PIPA

We will never (as in not ever) win the war you care about until we win the war against this corruption of our Republic.

— Lawrence Lessig, on why he’s striking at the root during the SOPA soap opera.

How Laws are Made. An infographic by Mike Wirth & Dr. Suzanne Cooper Guasco / CC BY