Mozilla Popcorn Learning Lab in London

Next up in the round of event recipes, Brett & I wrote up a Popcorn learning lab.

Since publishing the Popcorn hack jams how-to, we’ve been in touch with film festivals, coder communities, and video labs from all over about running events about Popcorn.

Skill up the community

At the moment, we’re still in a resource-crunch. Even though we can help event organizers to plan and facilitate their hack jam, there’s a shortage of people who know how to use Popcorn.

The options we currently have are:

  • fly around Team Popcorn, based primarily in North America
  • or, skill up web developers the world over, empower them to code and facilitate, and reward core contributors with trips to cool places like Cannes and Cape Town.

The more we can train the trainers, the more we can scale these open projects.

Test Round in London

To test out the recipe and grow the European community, we’re throwing a learning lab on Sunday, March 25 in London.

We’re looking for Javascript developers and filmmakers bold enough to dabble with code. Drinks, code, and good ideas are in the mix at this one-day event led by the Mozilla Popcorn team. Please sign up to join!

Want to know what we’ll do in London, or how to host your own Popcorn learning lab? Read our howto.