10 Photos.

Señor Amarillo

Sutro Tower

Stattbad Wedding

Karaoke in my hotel room

Puking Balloon

Iron Blogger Berlin

Event kit sprint. aka Team Mullet.

Bad Ass Facilitator


Low-Fi Communications

  1. Señor Amarillo.
  2. Surto Tower. On an ambitious and sunny day, and I climbed to the top, discovering the even better lookout at Tank Hill along the way.
  3. Stattbad Wedding. Swimming pool turned skating rink turned art space in Berlin Wedding.
  4. Karaoke in my hotel room! An amenity you don’t get every day. Shout out to Mari, who reserved the room at the Gladstone in Toronto.
  5. Puking balloon man at betahaus.
  6. Iron Blogger Berlin 1st drink-up. Blogging our way to beer.
  7. Team Mullet at the Event Kit Sprint in SF.
  8. A badge for Gunner, Bad Ass Facilitator #1.
  9. Scurried up this fire escape with Henrik in Aalborg. Around the corner from Nordkraft, an infamous power plant and backdrop of the drug film with the same name.
  10. Low-Fi Communications. Pneumatic tubes at Bunker Wünsdorf Zepplin.

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