Poplab! Introduction to Popcorn Maker

This week, Laura Hilliger and I held an Introduction to Popcorn Maker workshop at Supermarkt, the lovely community space in Berlin, Wedding.

Based on the participants’ feedback, they really enjoyed it and learned a lot. If you’re so inspired, please feel free to build on this agenda, host your own intro to Popcorn Maker, and tell us how it went!

Here are our agenda notes:

Learning Objectives

By the end of the four-hour workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Augment video on the web
  • Remix web content
  • Understand basic information architecture & procedural storytelling
  • Be familiar with Story Vision Tech (SVT)
  • Plan a simple web native story


Go around — (5min)

  • Name
  • What are you working on?
  • What do you want to get out of this?

Spectogram — (15min)

  • Interaction adds value to a story.
  • A story always has a beginning, middle, and end.
  • A film made for and with the web can win an Oscar.

X-Ray Goggles — (30min)

Discussion: Intro to the Open Web — (20min)

  • Hackability
  • View Source
  • Standardization

Thimble Projects — (30min)

Break — (15min)

  • Grab a coffee.
  • We did a version of Hack the Robot Dance here to get people’s energy back up.

Intro to Popcorn and Web Native Film — (10min)

  • Show demos
  • Explain dynamic data
  • Web standards
  • Hackable and remixable
  • Visual interface vs .js library
  • Not replacement for video editing software
  • More resources

Popcorn Maker Project I: Robots (procedural storytelling) — (30min)

Popcorn Maker Project II: Remixing using the Popup template — (15min)

Next: Give participants two options: in smaller groups, either learn about planning a web native story, or continue hacking on template projects.

Path 1: Planning a web native story — (30min)

  • Paper prototype a web native story using Story Vision Tech (SVT).
  • Sketch storylines and wireframe as much as possible.

Path 2: Continue hacking on templates — (30min)

Feedback & Share What You Made — (10min)


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  2. Anja · August 11, 2012

    So cool! Will you offer another Poplab workshop?