PowerPoint Karaoke on Vacation

As the Boston Globe notes, “If you’ve never heard of PowerPoint Karaoke, that probably means you’re neither German nor a hardcore techie.”

Well, I suppose I’m guilty on two counts. But at least that helps explain why I adore this über-g33k party game: PowerPoint Karaoke.

The idea of PowerPoint Karaoke is simple. Grab a beamer, a laptop, a few beers, and line up the victims contestants in front of the crowd. Each person is given five minutes to improvise a presentation based on a random set of PowerPoint slides. Points go to style and humor, and the more ironically a corporate slogan rolls of your tongue, the better. (video, for an example)

But here’s the twist. Instead of selecting a standard just-ripped-these-awful-slides-from-the-US-Government*, the Waving Cat and I thought it would be much more fun to PowerPoint Karaoke to some thing different. Namely, to a stranger’s vacation photo album. I’ve tried to dig up a few examples to prove what I mean, but somehow goolging “tacky tourist” wasn’t as successful as I had hoped. Maybe you can come up with some good text anyway!

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Roadside Kitsch

A bony honeymoon

Tacky Tourist

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* A very interesting side note in the history of PowerPoint. US military personnel are notoriously fond of overloading slides with blinking fonts and spiraling graphics. The officers’ presentations had gotten so bad that the Pentagon once had to crack down and banned the software from all important briefings. (^_^) Go, go PowerPoint Rangers!

Images: Roadside Kitsch by alasam CC BY NC ND 2.0, A Bony Honeymoon posted by seriykotik1970 CC BY NC SA 2.0, and The Tacky Tourist Award by The G-tastic 7CC BY SA 2.0

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