Spread Firefox: Download Day!

Download Day

Today’s the day to download the newest version of Mozilla Firefox, the fast and free browser.

Firefox 3 has a number of cool features, which you can read about in this field guide. There is also the revamped ccSearch in the browser’s toolbar. This search function identifes CC-licensed works from a range of sources by indexing works tagged with ccREL, the metadata specification developed by Creative Commons to express its licensing elements.

As for the celebrated Download Day, Spread Firefox has always been a stellar example of how to evangelize a good cause and generate community interest. Their past projects have been impressive and effectual: campus reps, Mozilla On the Street Interviews, globally-synchronized parties, CD distributions, T-shirt contests, and plenty more.

A key aspect of Spread Firefox’s campaign success is its openness. Rather than a central bottleneck stopping up ideas, the Spread Firefox community is organized by nodes and decentralized fora. Their members are open to new strategies, new themes, new structures. If you thinks it’s a brilliant idea to plow the Firefox logo corn field so that it can be seen by Google Maps, then more power to you. If you want to print giant stickers and post them around town, then do it.

Having an online platform solely dedicated to community-driven marketing is incredibly powerful. Open up your organization and let waves of ideas pore in from your membership. It is a brilliant way to harness the long tail of activism and community outreach.The good stuff will stick and, well, the lesser plans will go back to the drawing board.

So yeah, here’s a good idea: DOWNLOAD FIREFOX 3 TODAY and be part of an attempt for the Guinness Book of World Records.

Map of global downloads on June 18 at 1412 UTC+2

Image: Screenshot from June 18, 12:12 UTC. Wow, 6 million downloads so far!

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