Open Design @ oebf Mar. 26


The second Open Everything Berlin Fokus kicks off 26.03.09 at 7.30 pm, newthinking store, Tucholskystr. 48. The theme? Open Design.

We invite designers, retailers, thinkers, makers and users to discuss
and share their point of view and experience in the field of OPEN
DESIGN. We hope to create an opportunity and platform to make new connections, find undiscovered paths and strategies to explore design in a collaborative manner, be it designers in-between,
retailers-to-user or maker-to-user wise.

Open design can be interpreted and made in numerous ways:

  • As a designer, publish your work for the users to make and remake it
  • Make the design sustainable by localizing private or commercial production
  • Find an international community around your design ideas to co-create
  • Customize your ideas with the help of users and retailers
  • As a user, become a designer and participate in creating the things that really fit your needs
  • and many more

How do you interpret OPEN DESIGN and in what context do you think you can make use of it?

See you there! You can read about last month’s Openeverything + CC Salon.

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