Thinking Openeverything

Time to get philosophical. The next Openeverything Berlin is sinking it’s teeth into the core principles of openness — digesting what we’ve learned so far from the Fokus events on Open Knowledge, Open Design, and Open Workspaces.

The event, held auf deutsch, will be on 28.05.09 in newthinking store, Tucholskystraße 48, 10117 Berlin. Come join us!

openeverything focus #4 Thinking Openeverything [Geschichte + Philosophie]

– ihr –

19:00 Tach sagen, Bier trinken
19:30 Creative Commons News
19:45 Thinking Openeverything – mit Hilfe verschiedener Tools kommen wir der Sache näher: zentrale Gedanken, Positionen, Beispiele, Definitionen …
21:15 Ausklang

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