Doctorow’s Makers Reading in Berlin


“For the risk-takers, the doers, the makers of things.”

Join us on Sept. 22 for a public reading of Makers, the new serialized novel by hacktivist and BoingBoing author Cory Doctorow, as part of the Berlin festival Atoms & Bits.

What happens when hardware hackers get tangled up with microfinancing venture capitalists in the aftermath of the financial crisis? The answer: a fast-paced witty novel whose ending the public doesn’t even know. That’s because the book’s author, free culture advocate and geek writer extraordinaire Cory Doctorow, hasn’t published it all yet. The hardcover hits bookstores this October, but in the meantime, publisher Tor is releasing Makers tidbit by tantalizing tidbit.

We’re organizing a public reading of the book’s juicer excerpts. Performers are welcome, so if you’d like to entertain a friendly crowd with your rendition, please let a comment! Betahaus’ Christoph and DIY Masters student Pippa are already rehearsing (thank you!), and we’d love to have more of you take part. Update: Jay Cousins will join us as well. Cool!

The reading will fire up the Berliner festival on making and doing, Atoms & Bits. Since we’ll be spending the week glorifying DIY culture, openness, co-working, and the creative spirit, Doctorow’s novel will help set the tone and remind us of concepts like the Maker’s Bill of Rights: if you can’t open it, you don’t own it.

Drop a line if you’d like to do some reading yourself, else see you on Sept. 22 at 20:00 at our tentative location in Neukölln’s own maker hub, Studio 70.

Also, if you’re interested in innovative publishing models, check out the Creative Commons case study on Doctorow and the author’s Forbes interview about “giving it away”.

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