Parents (and other visitors) in Berlin – A Survival Guide

A neat collaborative project sprung up last week, initiated by antischokke. Eltern in Berlin is a 6-page listing of parent-friendly outings, restaurants, and tips for visitors to Berlin. Hosted on a Pirate Pad, the Eltern in Berlin listing not only gives you great ideas for Berliner fun,  but it also demonstrates how powerful quick, low-barrier collaboration can be. Within just two or three days, the Pirate Pad exploded from just a few questions into a must-see directory of wonderful things. See anything missing? Feel free to add to it or check it out when your ‘rents are in town!


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  1. Paolo · September 20, 2010

    Oh, great, now I miss Berlin again after seeing the items on that list :)

  2. antischokke · September 20, 2010

    woohoo, thanks for that! internets for the win.

  3. Tarkowski · September 20, 2010

    go etherpad as a platform, more examples like this please!

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