Iron Blogger Berlin

Inspired by [Joi](–.html), who in turn was inspired by [Mako](, my jacket-twin [Nicole]( & I are tying ourselves to the mast and taking up the Iron Blogger challenge.

The set-up?

>Iron Blogger is a blogging and drinking club. The rules are pretty simple:

> * **Blog at least once a week.**
> * If you fail to do so, **pay €5** into a common pool.
> * When the pool is big enough, the group uses it to **pay for drinks and snacks** at a meet-up for all the participants.

I’m setting up [the script]( to run on my new server (woot! geeking out), and if you’re up for the challenge, drop us a line.

Drinking buddies, I mean, fellow bloggers are very welcome.

*Image: [Iron Angel]( by [BurnBlue]( / [CC BY NC SA 2.0](*


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