Awesome Foundation Berlin: ACPad Guitar

A modded acoustic guitar snapped up the most recent [Awesome Foundation Berlin]( grant. The €1000 cash was handed over in a brown paper bag to Rainer from [RobinSukroso]( to further develop his **stringed axe meets drum machine, the [acpad guitar](**

Rainer spent the last 3 years kitting out his guitar and now, with the experience behind him, he wants to **build a mod that lets musicians play the acpad without having to completely rip up their guitars.** The grant will help Rainer get his tool market-ready.

## Awesome Feedback ##

During the betabreakfast, we also received good feedback for the next rounds of the Awesome Foundation.

Firstly, some previous applicants told us they’d appreciate a heads-up about the status of their application and the invitation for feedback on why they weren’t selected. Unfortunately, it’s too much effort to write an email responding to every application, and to be frank that sort of admin is exactly counter to the Awesome Foundation, but the sentiment is duly noted.

In the future, we the trustees want to **invite all applicants to the final demo round and offer feedback if they show up and ask us in person.** We see this as an opportunity grow a network of creative projects and collaborators, and these grant events are perfect for talking about ideas and finding other people who are interested. If we can facilitate more match-making, beyond just the one grantee, than all the better.

Also, for the next round we’ll invite past grantees to demo what they’ve made since receiving the money. This provides a chance to see how the projects have grown, or where they’ve run into trouble, and hopefully spark even more collaborations and awesome projects. ^^

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