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A recap from [republica](

## Open Video ##

I hosted a **workshop on Open Video and Popcorn.js** together with [Henrik Mitsch](!/hmitsch) and [Cole Gillespie](!/theCole). I gave a 15min intro to Popcorn, showed some demos, and then we broke into groups to discuss opportunities with open video (learning, tech, and storytelling).

[Sam Figueroa](!/unimatrixZxero) kindly took [notes from the session]( and the [HTML slides are here](

The following week we **organized a meet-up at Oberholz** to help folks get started on their video projects and perhaps do a regular “open hack” and skillshare around these tools. The team at [Leuphana Moving Image Lab]( has been central to helping get these efforts off the ground.

**[The next Berlin Popcorn meet-up is on June 6](**

## Connected Learning / Hive ##

Thanks to the generous invitation [J├Âran](!/jmm_hamburg) in the re:learn track, I shared the work being done at [Hive NYC](!/jmm_hamburg), a city network of “learning sites” where you can learn skills and make things with participating organizations.

It focuses on **[connected learning](,** experiences which are hands-on, effective, networked and driven by youth’s interests. [Slides](

There’s a lot of **potential to build a network like this in Berlin.**

We’re hosting a **[community brainstorm on May 16 at Oberholz](** to survey what learning initiatives are out there, what we’d like to see in Berlin, and test whether we’d like to try something together.

If you’re an educator, a geek, a lover of learning: stop by!

## Iron Blogger ##

[Iron Blogger Berlin]( cashed in over 200EUR of blogging debt at the re:fill bar. (I sadly added much to that pile.)

It was fun to see fellow bloggers and even recruit a few new ones (hi, Anja and Torsten!). A big thanks to [Nicole]( for stoking the blogging fires and getting us all together.

## Thanks, #rp12! ##

Huge props to the #rp12 team for pulling together an impressive conference. With 4,000 people, a new but fitting venue, and all in all good fun, it was a wonderful experience and definitely the best place to meet up with ze German internets.

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