HTML Webmaker Slides Driven by Popcorn

Earlier this month I was kindly invited to talk at **[Hack de Overheid](, a very well-organized hackathon** in Amsterdam for building apps around open data sets.

There were **20-odd governmental organizations and civic institutions pitching their datasets.** The content ranged from cultural data from museums and archives to open API calls from the fire department.

You even receive **a coveted coffee cup** when you release a dataset, based on the [five-star Linked Data scheme]( by Tim Berners-Lee.

Below are the **[slides I made for the talk](,** based on [Mark Surman’s Personal Democracy Forum keynote](

I enjoyed making these slides because:

* I learned to hack together **a new webmaker theme**
* **It uses Popcorn.js to drive the slide transitions** (thanks, [Ben](!)
* **It’s very easy and fun to change the images** in HTML slides.

Please feel free to [download, reuse and remix the files](!

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