Speed Geeking! August 26 with Hive Berlin

** Update:** A lot of key people have requested to reschedule the speed-geeking because of holiday travels. Since we want to pull this off with the right people in the room, packed and buzzing, we’ve decided to host the event on August 26. All the other info remains the same.

Speed Dating for Geeks! Get to know about 5+ topics in under an hour.

We’re hosting a **[speed geeking session on July 22](https://hivespeedgeeking.eventbrite.com/)** with [Hive Berlin](http://hiveberlin.tumblr.com/) at [Supermarkt](http://www.supermarkt-berlin.net/home) in Berlin, Wedding from 1300 – 1500h.

This is a rapid-fire format aims to:

* **Showcase learning opportunities in the city**
* **Get to know fellow educators and hackers**
* **Play with new tools and concepts**

And as a station host, you’ll get to **share your project** with a larger audience, gather feedback, and get really good at speaking quickly and clearly.

## What is Speed Geeking? ##

The setup will be **5 or more tables in a circle** in the room.

* Each table will have a station host, who will present their project using flip charts, a few slides, screen grabs, whatever — **in five minutes or less.**
* We’re thinking: get an Arduino to blink, remix a website, record a sound, edit a web video, hack a toy. **Something fun, hands-on and educational.**
* Participants **rotate among the speed geek stations in small groups.** Every five minutes, you’ll hear about another topic. This provides a way to learn about a broad range of projects very quickly.
* And the end of a full rotation, **we’ll turn the floor over to open hacking.** You can go back to your favorite station(s) and dig in more.
* Afterward, **we’ll regroup, share what we made, and talk about how it went.**

## Why should I come? ##

**It’ll be a fun Sunday affair** where you can learn something, meet new people, and share what you’re passionate about.

We plan to iterate on event formats like these and **build towards a [learning network in Berlin](http://michellethorne.cc/2012/05/a-learning-network-for-berlin/).** Whether you’re interested in the bigger Hive network plans or not, you are very welcome to come play, make and hack with us.

## How do I get involved? ##

* **Would you like to attend?** It’s free! For kids and grown-ups alike.
* **Would you like to host a station?** 3 hour time commitment max!
* **Have an idea for something else?** Email michelle – at- mozillafoundation – dot – org

See you on July 22! #hiveberlin

*Images by [Jon Lim](https://secure.flickr.com/photos/52869095@N02/sets/72157630256523922) with [Hive Toronto](https://twitter.com/#!/HiveToronto)*

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