A structural collapse of an **otherwise brilliant first-attempt [veggieducken](** at our Thanksgiving feast.

It’s a butternut squash stuffed with leeks and a sweet potato. This veggie-lover’s dish is inspired by the poultry-lover’s turducken: a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken.

Big props to [Matt]( and [Clare]( for taking on the beast.

Think next year we’ll try:

* A carrot in the middle instead of a sweet potato. It’s easier to cook through.
* Chop up the leeks or lay them width-wise instead of length-wise. As you see from the large greenish strips in the photo, they were hard to slice against the grain.
* MOAR veggies. You could definitely add another layer or two. Maybe a bell pepper or two portobello mushroom tops.

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